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Full Cycle eLearning and Research Platforms

Full cycle eLearning and research platforms combine both the advantages of multimedia virtual learning environments (VLEs) with research tools that can help professionals in both businesses and medical organizations use the skills they have gained through the eLearning course and record real world data from the practice of those skills. Full cycle eLearning and research platforms will include interactive multimedia design at the core of the learning experience. Custom programming allows for a rich layering of eLearning videos, 3D animation, graphics, text, and interactivity that introduces basic topics, shows them what the issue looks like in real life, and then puts the user through the paces to see how they can meet challenges with custom testing components, which may include simulation of the skills taught on the platform.

Full cycle eLearning and research platforms offer the advantage of consolidating the acquisition and practice of critical skills onto one online eLearning website that can be accessed from virtually any modern computing device at any time. As such, learners of these platforms benefit from an online eLearning application that both establishes a particular professional skill, and allows them to follow through with using it. Once professionals establish their proficiency, they can go on to gather information as structured by the practice portion of the platform to be used for further research that can offer valuable insights into their work, helping them to advance professionally long after the initial eLearning has been completed. As such, these full cycle eLearning and research platforms effectively function as continuous professional development tools that can support a user’s growth throughout the entirety of their careers.

Full Cycle Medical eLearning and Research Platforms

Medical professionals and organizations can benefit enormously from the use of custom designed and developed full cycle medical eLearning and research platforms. For example, clinicians can use these eLearning tools to acquire particular diagnostic skills, become certified in their practice, and then use those skills to diagnose conditions of actual patients. By recording both the diagnostic criteria along with patient health and medical histories plus demographic information, these full cycle medical eLearning and research platforms can establish a wealth of broad and deep medical information that can serve as a valuable source of research for years to come.

Using advanced dynamic query tools, researchers can search to determine particular patterns between health and medical histories and outcomes that can inform better care for patients going forward. Artificial intelligence can be used to further enhance the potency of such research by automating the pattern detection process, exposing important correlations to researchers that may identify which treatments work better or worse, and help clinicians make better decisions for their patients in the future. Full cycle medical and eLearning research platforms may also be used for other areas of medical practice. From drug administration to physical therapy to surgeries, wherever there is a skill set that offers a lot of possibilities on how specifically to deliver care, full cycle eLearning and research platforms can help clinicians first establish their expertise, then go on to use it and record information about the results of treatments that can be used for continuous professional development for both themselves and others providing the same care using the same eLearning and research support platform.

Full Cycle Corporate eLearning and Research Platforms

Businesses can likewise benefit from what full cycle eLearning and research platforms can provide for professional development. In this context, interactive multimedia design within the context of a virtual elearning environment can help professionals establish important skills, and then record structured information that can be used for later research to provide valuable insight for further improvement. Sales is one example in which these platforms could provide a lot of benefit over time. Each particular industry has its own market, and thus requires unique sales processes to address the unique characteristics of its potential customers. Using virtual learning environments in combination with interactive media design can help put learners in realistic situations, even simulating in person sales experiences and providing automatic feedback in real time to user’s choices. After the learner has acquired the skills to successfully navigate the sales process across all the relevant demographics, scenarios, and products/services, they have come to understand the multiplicity of factors involved in successful sales and can meaningfully categorize those behaviors.

After professional certification, such an eLearning and research platform would grant learners access to the research database, where they could categorize their performance during the sale according to the target demographic, the relative value of the sale, the product and/or service type, and any other relevant factors, along with the ultimate success of the sale. As this information collects, especially across multiple users, the platform would then allow researchers to look at the full range of approaches that salespersons are using in each particular scenario to determine which behaviors are most successful. Salespeople could use a dynamic query of this information before a given sale to look at past sales experiences that were similar, to help them frame in their mind what will prove to be most advantageous to them in any given situation. In this way, the platform gives salespeople the platform to pool their collective experience in a dynamic information repository that allows them to all support one another in becoming more effective. This kind of approach can be used to help support training and continued professional development for any comprehensive and complex skill set that requires careful analysis of complex factors and sensitive execution of skills to ensure the best results. Other areas in which full cycle eLearning and research platforms could support professional development include teacher training, hospitality industry training, food industry training, and more.

Example: MBSImP Diagnostic eLearning and Research Platform

MBSImP Diagnostic eLearning and Research Platform

The MBSImP is a powerful example of how eLearning platforms can be extended into tools that support research that enhance professional skills over the course of a lifetime. The MBSImP platform teaches clinicians on the diagnosis of swallowing disorders using the Modified Barium Swallowing Impairment Profile developed by a researcher at the Medical University of South Carolina. The MSImP platform is centered on a virtual learning environment with an interactive multimedia design that includes eLearning videos of fluoroscopy videos paired to 73 detailed 3D medical animations of various swallowing disorders. The 3D animations show what given fluoroscopy videos indicate about the type and severity of swallowing disorders by revealing the underlying biology. Users train on identifying swallowing disorders by type and severity, practice diagnosing the disorders based on fluoroscopy videos, then test themselves on their proficiency with using the MBSImP diagnostic profile. Once certified, they gain access to the patient data and reports section, where they can enter up to 716 fields of patient demographic, health and medical history information on each patient. They can then return to use a dynamic query to look for correlations of these variables and get a better sense of which treatments may work best for each patient. The MBSImP diagnostic eLearning and research platform has proven to be enormously successful, training thousands of clinicians on the diagnostics and allowing them to catalog and query data on their patients in a safe and secure manner to help them improve their practice over time.

About DDA’s Custom eLearning Design and Development

Dynamic Digital Advertising, LLC (DDA) was founded in 1994, and since its inception has expanded its interactive multimedia offerings to make it a pioneer in all things digital. DDA was the first photography studio in Pennsylvania and among the earliest all digital video and animation studios in the country, created one of the first successful search engine optimization (SEO) programs, and expanded the realm of what’s possible in eLearning through virtual medical simulations and advanced platforms like MBSImP. With every advance, DDA consistently evolves to take advantage of the latest technologies to benefit its clients with high value offerings that effectively communicate to the target audience to drive real results.

DDA’s full range of services all all provided in house under one roof, ensuring that there is full control over the design and development process at every stage, maximizing efficiency and helping to uncover opportunities for innovation as they arise. DDA’s clients benefit from this vertically integrated approach by having eLearning experts that are capable and adaptable at every stage, ensuring true agile development that makes the most from everything provided. This unique approach is what makes the award-winning DDA among the top eLearning companies in the USA.

You can learn more about DDA’s full range of eLearning capabilities by navigating through this website. If you have a specific project in mind you would like to speak to DDA about, don’t hesitate: contact DDA today.

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